We've put together a short list of beautiful, functional ViewBug websites. If you’ve recently joined ViewBug, perhaps these examples will spark your imagination and will inspire you to publish your own portfolio site.

You probably got into shooting wildlife, nature, weddings or portraits because you loved the photography part, and not because you really wanted to be a famous photographer. That being said, you can take a handful of steps and make the right choices and grow your photography, increase your exposure and grow your reach. And it all starts with building your own website.

Commercial Photography and Educator.

Born and raised on the West Coast, Laura Tillinghast began making art at a young age. She explored many mediums until finally discovering photography when she was 17 years old. From that point on, she knew she had found the tool she was looking for to bring her imagination to life. Shooting primarily advertising and editorial content, you never know what you will find in front of Laura's lens. Whether it is a gorgeous model, a rock band or a bowl of oatmeal, she shoots with the same goal in mind; make it beautiful.

Why we love it: Laura used a layout that is clean and image centered. She did a great job creating a simple and bright canvas that shows off her photos in separate albums. The homepage everything you need: a simple layout, a clear navigation to the albums, an easy way to learn more about her.



World Traveler and Explorer.

James Rushforth is an experienced and professional climber, mountaineer, skier and high-liner. An acclaimed photographer and three times published author who has worked with prestigious publishing houses, Rockfax, Cicerone Press and FotoVue. James has won 12 international photography competitions, the latest of which at the prestigious Siena International Photo Awards; published work for numerous magazines and papers including National Geographic, The Times and The Daily Telegraph; written tutorial and blog posts for a number of popular media platforms such as Viewbug and 500px and appeared as a judge in several global competitions.

Why we love it: In addition to James’s work being breathtaking in and of itself, we love the way he used ViewBug websites to display the different type of images that we loves to capture. He used a simple navigation focusing on his favorite image as a main element of the homepage and then selected his favorite shots for each gallery to be displayed as a central part of the navigation.


Water Photography Master.

Through passion and dedication his goal with Thurston Photo is to capture the things he sees in such a unique and fashionable way that through his imagery people are inspired to… see life from a new perspective.

Why we love it: Thurston's website is simple yet inspiring from the very first moment you look at it.  We love the way he selected the galleries to show a pallet of colors that is appealing to the eye.


Fashion And Studio Photographer.

Jack Hoier nows how to capture the beauty of his models in a very artistic and unique way. His images are clean and engaging.

Why we love it: Jack's images deserve all the attention of the viewer, that’s why we love this super simple portfolio site, an beautiful stream of models in a beautifully simple and clean layout. It’s uncluttered letting the images shines through.


You can also get the perfect domain name and register it with ViewBug. Choose the domain that is right for you, the possibilities are endless. And the great news: ViewBug PRO memberships now give you full access to our website platform. Take full advantage of your membership and build your own site.


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