We all know how exciting it is to be the new kid on the block, after all we have all been newbies on Viewbug – just think back to that first upload of yours. Welcome Weekly is a curated series that spotlights and welcomes photographers that have joined Viewbug the last month. Make sure to scroll through and give the new members of Viewbug a warm welcome and a follow!

"Mighty Lion" by WesPittsPhotography

"Kloentalersee" by pixelwerke

"Acquiescence" by serenavsworld

"Poppies." by RP_Frame

"Temple" by amarillis

"Portrait - Eva" by ColourfulLifeForever

"It's ok" by PooFace

"A path to the sun" by svetlanasewell

"Best friends" by Bettina_Dam_photography

"Looking for eternity" by Laney_Nest

"Hibiscus Hat" by KenzieFairchild

"Tooth-Fairy" by kevincoxphoto

"Yosemite National Park" by etsai

"IMG_1107" by MariaBjarna

"Montreal World Trade Centre" by jayeffex

"Elegant Nature" by dobrelehel

"Screened" by kneelfatrake