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dragonfly30707 (January 30, 2009)
I don't understand why alot of them are b&w either. Quiet a few photo shown are very dull or lifeless, in my opinion, without color. There is place for b&w's I guess, but I haven't found it.
lekelso (January 31, 2009)
B+W is amazing. There is so much life in B+W photos if you do it right. And by right I mean having the eye. B+W is true photography. All photos started as B+W and if you have any training or interest in the history of photography you will understand this point. I do not however understanding turning your true color photos into B+W unless you are doing for a reason such as a timeless look, gift or remembering someone who may at one time been into photography before all of the digital stuff came into play. I know that when photographing my children I use allot of B+W but I also still love film and the darkroom, to me that is my true love. Photography is something different for everyone. For some it's capturing the moment, and for others it is to see where their creativity will take. In any case B+W will remain a mystery to many. Just as it will remain the one true way to work for others
dragonfly30707 (January 31, 2009)
Exactly! If it is done right you have an amazing photo. I have not came to the point in my photography to do a b&w and do it right. I still have problems getting a color photo right,lol! You have to have the right frame of mind to be creative with b&w and not all people have that. That wiil produce a dull photo in my opinion.
DanielPham (April 13, 2009)
Beautiful captured
peman123 (September 18, 2012)
a sick shot



Brown butts

Two girls butts in mud
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Uploaded: August, 2007



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