sindad June 23, 2009
Amazing, great shot
Leepix July 08, 2009
I am pleased you like it. Thanks
Jmohme June 23, 2009
Great image!!!
Leepix July 08, 2009
Thanks for your comment. I am so happy this is getting such a positive response. Thanks
Leepix July 08, 2009
thank you!
cgray0012 June 28, 2009
i absolutely LOVE this.... gorgeous
Leepix July 08, 2009
thanks- your a sweetheart.
paulmullin July 02, 2009
Your killin' me. Another winner ;)
Leepix July 08, 2009
I am glad you enjoy this humble offering.
cernitbaby July 02, 2009
this is stunning paul!!
Leepix July 08, 2009
Glad it resonates with you!!
rissaroo July 02, 2009
wow it is beautiful
Leepix July 08, 2009
thank you sooo much!
Leepix July 08, 2009
I am very happy this is getting such a good reaction. I thank you for your kind words.
Leepix July 08, 2009
This was one of those days where everything 'clicked' - I love this dark sandy beach and northern california fog made this a wonderful location.This was for a portrait of these two 'best friends'
cernitbaby July 09, 2009
Sorry I called you paul. i had just read the comment paul mullin made. i meant this is stunning LEE
nikondaddy August 13, 2009
Rare energy and beauty together. Nikondaddy
fotogalmexican August 17, 2009
Di i use the word "love" too much while shwoing my appreciation for these wonderful captures...well learn to live with it...I LOVE the movement and the deeper color of the dark sky & sand....Congrats!
kimba December 13, 2011
wo amazing shot great catch
AgnesForrai December 14, 2011
I love the slow motion in this photo, that makes it very special, so light and graceful.great!
cwilmot11 December 14, 2011
i love everything about this photo! great shot!
janr46 December 14, 2011
So glad this photo came back throgh. I missed it first time around. Such an amazing awesome portrait. Hope it is hanging on someone's wall. Would make a beautiful painting as well.
IsabellaD November 30, 2012
Beautiful capture!
gabajo November 30, 2012
Beautifully Captured!
korinna December 03, 2012
Voted! :)
ArtQ December 11, 2012
great image
Serendipity1 December 26, 2012
Very nice! Congrats!
Ghafur December 26, 2012
FrankieFotografie December 26, 2012
beautiful capture , congratulations !!!
inge_vautrin December 26, 2012
Beautiful capture! Congrats!
tsambaproductions December 26, 2012
tsambaproductions December 26, 2012
Amiqdadi December 26, 2012
marklthomas December 27, 2012
Fantastic Shot!!!,,,congrats
Subott December 27, 2012
Congrats! :)
aprilrena December 27, 2012
Beautiful and magical capture! Congrats!
MrFantastic December 28, 2012
Nice one,Congratulations.
fotogalmexican December 28, 2012
congrats!!!!! i love this
GusGregory December 29, 2012
Lovely shot, well done....
ardilla December 29, 2012
Beautiful image. Congrats!
misslittlesunshine December 29, 2012
Well done !
jrmartos December 30, 2012
Beautiful! Congrats
mailsmc December 31, 2012
Nice shot, congrats on your award!
ggurgel January 01, 2013
angfait January 04, 2013
Congratulations! Fantastic photography.
ashley_christine January 07, 2013
perfect! love this so fun!
anneschlueter January 07, 2013
TammyMarie January 07, 2013
Congrats! Beautiful!
AniaGajda January 07, 2013
such an amazing picture!
Wayne_Sr January 09, 2013
Congratulations on your Honorable Mention ...:~)
Leepix January 15, 2013
Yikes - I didn't realize this as I have been out of town for holidaze. wow! very enjoyable - thanks to all!!!
estercastillo08 January 16, 2013
Congrats! Very nice !
JacquelineMGrange April 30, 2013
Pretty! Love the white dresses.
estercastillo08 August 13, 2013
Voted !

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