Dirt Roads Photo Contest

Dirt Roads
Photo Contest

Dirt Roads Photo Contest
Share your best photos showing dirt roads before July 31st, 2014
Win a Nikon 1 Camera
Dirt Roads Photo Contest
Grand Jury Winner
Nikon 1 / 10 Megapixel Digital Camera - a $600 value
NIKKOR 10-30mm VR Lens
Dirt Roads Photo Contest
People's Choice
Limited Edition portable photo hub
350 Reward Points
Exposure bundle
Dirt Roads Photo Contest
Dirt Roads Photo Contest
Vitaliy Zalishchyker
"My name is Vitaliy. I was born in Kolomyia, Ukraine. I studied at National State University i.n. V.Stefanyk, Ukraine and ended with a B.A. in Psychology. I always wanted to be a photographer. Since I was 10, I used film photos with my old Zenith E11 which even now I shoot with it. So in the year 2007, I decided to go freelance in photography. After some harsh years of practice I started studying "Foto-design" at ILS Hamburg, Germany. I'm still a student and I try my best to be part of the fashion and journalism photography world. I'm always looking to capture stylish people and unique situations." - Vitaly
Here's How It Works
Share your best photos showing dirt roads. Be creative!
3 entries per participant
By entering this contest you accept the standard Terms of Use.
Photo Format:
Color, Black and White, edited formats are accepted. Post processing is allowed.
You maintain the rights to all of your submissions.
The contest submissions will be judged based on the creativity, originality and in accordance to the contest theme. People's Choice winners are selected through voting.
From August 1st until August 17th, 2014.
Get an extra 500 Reward Points by sharing the contest. One random person will be selected.
Dirt Roads Photo Contest
As Easy As
1. Got an awesome photo?
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Get your creative juices flowing and share
your best shot that is in accordance to the contest.
2. Share it in the photo contest!
Upload your photos to your ViewBug account.
Hit the big blue Submit Photo button and
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3. Winners
Resident and guest judges select
the Grand Jury Winner and thousands
of photographers choose the People's
Choice by voting for their favorite shots.